This is a High quality 3D painted model 6:1 size of 3D model Haplophrentis hyolith from Burgess shale. According to Moysiuk et all "Hyoliths are abundant and globally distributed ‘shelly’ fossils thatappear early in the Cambrian period and can be found throughoutthe 280 million year span of Palaeozoic strata". ( Moysiuk et all,2017).

Hyolithid could be a  semi-sessile epibenthic suspension feeder that could use its helens to elevate its tubular body above the sea floor. The informations and the recent study based on exceptional fossils preserved in Burgess shale suggest that Hyolitids were closer tothe lophophorates (brachiopods, phoronids and tommotiids).


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Joseph Moysiuk1, Martin R. Smith2,3 & Jean-Bernard Caron1,4. Hyoliths are Palaeozoic lophophorates.Nature Letter doi:10.1038/nature20804

3D model of Cambrian Hyolith Haplophrentis Burgess Shale

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    size: 11 cm

    model Scale 6:1

    material: Resin with 25 micron resolution scale

    Project: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo

    modellist: Simone Rasetti

    Painter: Luca Vergerio