3D trilobite printed
Hand painted or total white
Damesella paronai
Middle Cambrian
Zhangxia Formation
Shandong Province
North China


Scientific concept, idea and realization: Trilobite Design Italia

3D Graphic: Francesco Baldassarre

Trilobite model painted by: Luca Vergerio / Roberto Boschian

3D model Cambrian Trilobite Damesella paronai

€ 450,00Prezzo
  • size: 9 cm (bigger or smaller on request)

    scale: 1/1

    material: 3D printing in nylon with Selective Laser Sintering

    resolution: 0.028 mm

    3D projecting time: 120 hr

    painting: 20 hr

    paint: Acrylic paint + protective (durable protection)