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  • Who is Trilobite Design Italia?
    Hi, my name is Gianpaolo Di Silvestro and i am a Paleontologist!I have been working in this field for about 14 years. We are offering online the Best Fossils and Trilobites that you can find on WEB! All our products are prepared in our italian LAB.
  • Are your Trilobites real?
    Yes, Trilobite Design Italia only sells real fossils. We are able to guarantee all the preparation process! We are the only one website on Web that sell just trilobites and Fossils prepared in Our lab! we can guarantee every fossil sold! Our Customers are important Museum as Royal Ontario Museum or Natural History Museum of London to name a few
  • Do your fossils have "restoration" ?"
    Normally our fossils do not have restorations. we are the only company to show every single preparation process, where the restoration is present and possibly the name of the preparator. Check our store's pages!
  • Were your fossils legally collected?
    Yes! Trilobite Design Italia according to Italian law n.1089 dd 1 Giugno 1939 doesn't Sell Italian Fossils and Archeological and Paleoanthropological samples! According to italian and European laws all Fossils are regurally imported and exported with Tax and invoices
  • Where do your fossils come from?
    We sell and excavate only fossils from private land that comply with the regulations of local states
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes we do! to guarantee a timely and safe shipping we use only DHL Express Courier
  • How do you accept payment?
    We accept different payment methods: 1) credit cards by Stripe 2) Paypal 3) Bank money transfer 4) we can deliver your purchase in the next Fossils show in Europe or USA! Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Do you insure your shipments?
    Yes we Do! please contact us if you need a insurance on your fossil shipping!
  • What's about Privacy policy?
    Following the new European regulation GDPR UE 2016/679 your data are stored in a secure database and your data are not sold to third parties. for more infos check this page:
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