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Branchiocaris sp.

Middle Cambrian

Marjum Formation

House Range

Millard County



Branchiocaris sp. phyllocarid arthropod

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  • size: slab 8 cm x 5 cm phyllocarid 4 cm

    restorations: no restorations

    preparator: n.n


    Branchiocaris is a Cambrian organism known from several  Burgess shale-type localities, It Is an ancient Shelled Arthropod. Branchiocaris pretiosa housed in Royal Ontario Museum (ROM 60751) has preserved Part and counterpart and it is the largest complete specimen known.


    some references:

    Caron, Jean-Bernard; Jackson, Donald A. (October 2006). "Taphonomy of the Greater Phyllopod Bed community, Burgess Shale". PALAIOS. 21 (5): 451–65

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