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This is a super aesthetically trilobite of Pseudocybele nasuta not restored and deep inside limestone.

Pseudocybele nasuta is an ordovician trilobite that was discovered in the limestone of Fillmore Formation in northeastern Utah.

it is 100% natural and prepared in our LABS.

It comes from soft limestone so we found deep and we carved ....nice preservation.


Pseudocybele nasuta (Ross, Jr. 1951)


Fillmore Formation
Millard County, Utah




Deep inside Ordovician trilobite Pseudocybele nasuta

€ 300,00 Prezzo regolare
€ 270,00Prezzo scontato
  • size: slab 6 cm x 18 cm trilobite size: 1,5 cm super quality

    restorations: n.n

    preparator: Alex Zagar

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