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This is a nice cretaceous fossil shrimp called Eryma minuta on sale. It comes from an old collection, and it is a pristine example of unrestored fossil shrimp.

It  is 100% original, and there is no color on it

On web you can see with your eyes many painted samples....Be careful!

There is no paint added on this genuine cretaceous fossil shrimp


This crustacean comes from Hajoula, and is a super nice addition to your collection.



Eryma cretacea

Cretaceous Cenomanian

Sannine limestone





Eryma cretacea fossil shrimp cretaceous on sale

€ 70,00Prezzo
  • slab size:  y cm x  8 cm

    shrimp size: about  2,5 cm

    NO Restorations 

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