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Exceptional Cambrian Fossils From Utah - A Window Into The Age Of Trilobites.

After years of work and decades in the making this is the most comprehensive work on the Cambrian fossil record in Utah. Authored by some of the foremost experts in the Cambrian record Richard Robison, Loren Babcock and Val Gunther. Contributions from public and personal collections all around the world. This is the definitive book that any collector of fossils from Utah should have.

Historical information about the collection of fossils in Utah's Cambrian, as well as the geological history and settings that resulted in one of the greatest deposits of Cambrian rocks in the world. From ever popular Trilobites to rare and unusual arthropods and soft bodies faunas, this book has it all. Hundreds upon hundreds of photos of fossil specimens. This book would make the perfect field guide for collecting.

Size 21,5 X 28
97 Pages
453 illustrations and photos (mostly color, some black and white)

Exceptional Cambrian Fossils from Utah

SKU: 978-1557919045
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