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Styletoctopus is an extinct genus of fossil octopods. The genus consists of the single species Styletoctopus annae, which lived in Cretaceous layers of Lebanon. This fossils is unrestored and no can find several hardly touched and coated. This is in pristine  museum condition.


Styletoctopus aff. annae

Cretaceous Cenomanian

Sannine Limestone




Fossil octopus Styletoctopus aff. annae (Fuchs, Bracchi & Weis

€ 350,00Prezzo
  • size: slab  6,7 cm x 6,5  cm Octopus 3 cm

    restoration: NO restoration

    NOTE: all octopus that you can see on WEB are coloured or hardly restored..this is Untouched 100% Original

    preparator: Gianpaolo Di Silvestro

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