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Cambrian Agnostid Peronopsis interstrictus fossil slab

Middle Cambrian

Wheeler Shale

Millard County

Antelope Springs  House Range




The Wheeler Shale (named by Charles Walcott) is a Cambrian (c. 507 Ma) fossil locality where you can find agnostid , Elrathia kingii trilobite and otehr very interesting trilobites. It is a very good representative Cambrian Fossil-Lagerstätten. In These layers you can find soft bodied organisms  (including Naraoia, Wiwaxia and Hallucigenia).

Fossil Slab Cambrian Agnostid Peronopsis interstrictus White

€ 20,00Prezzo
  • trilobite's size: 4 complete samples slab size: 6,5 x 7

    restorations: No glued parts

    preparator: Di Silvestro Gianpaolo



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