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Ctenocystis colodon (Ubaghs & Robison,1988)

Middle Cambrian

Wheeler Formation

Millard County, Utah



This small ancestors of Echinoderms are coming from Cambrian Wheeler Formation layers of Millard County, Utah. Ctenocystoidea is a class of bilaterally-symmetrical stem echinoderms like. 


Ubaghs, Georges and Robison, Richard A. 1988. Homalozoan echinoderms of the Wheeler Formation (Middle Cambrian) of western Utah. The Paleontological Institute, The University of Kansas. 18 p., 11 fig.


image courtesy : Nobu Tamura "All rights reserved"

Homalozoan echinoderms Ctenocystis colodon Cambrian Wheeler shale

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  • size: slab  9 cm x 11 cm 2x fossil:  0,7 cm

    restorations: 0%

    Preparator: Alex Zagar


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