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Lathamoserpens sigel (Waggoner & Hagadorn 2005)

Lower Cambrian

Latham Shale

Marble Mountain

Mojave Desert

San Bernardino County, California


Here we are offering an enigmatica fossils comes from famous lower cambrian fossil locality of  Marble Mountain. Lathamoserpens sigel could be a Neoproterozoic shelly fossil like Wyattia. It is an enigmatic fossil that could be placed with  Hyolitha.



from: BEN WAGGONER and JAMES W. HAGADORN 2005. Conical fossils from the Lower Cambrian of Eastern California;. PaleoBios 25(1):1–10, April 15,  University of California Museum of Paleontology


some extract:


"Lathamoserpens had a relatively thick wall with presumed lamellar construction. All Lathamoserpens specimens have evenly spaced curves, and with one exception there are always two curves at nearly equivalent points from the ends of the shell....These observations imply thatLathamoserpens represents a mineralized shell, and that sinuous shape reflects its shape in life, not taphonomic distortion of a flexible organism."





Lathamoserpens sigel (Waggoner & Hagadorn 2005)

€ 50,00Prezzo
  • size: positive and negative slab  7 cm x 6 cm

    restorations: NO


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