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The book is the most complete summary of these remarkable fossils. About 190 genera are presented and the reader becomes aid in assigning the fossils. Of each genus the characteristics, rarity and finding localities and eventually an explanation of the name, species description, size reference and peculiarities are mentioned. All genera are illustrated with one or more pictures. Just like this the supporting drawings have been chosen, so that the important characteristics for determination can be recognized. The author has specialized himself as a long-standing fossil collector on the fossils of the Hunsrück Slate. He tries to assign his collection passion for these beautiful fossils to the reader. With it theory and praxis go hand in hand and the latest scientific knowledge came into consideration. The book turns its attention not only to researchers and students of earth sciences and biology, curators of collections in natural history museums, but also to amateur geologists, fossil collectors as well as to natural historian readers (from the region).


Paperback: 176 pp 216 coloured and 19 black-and-white figures, 1 table
Publisher: Verlag

Product Dimensions: 32,5 × 24,3 cm, Hardcover
Language: German and English

Life in Devonian hunsruck slate fossil bed

SKU: 978-3-89937-221-2
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