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Here is a nice small and Black detailed example of Modocia typicalis from the Middle Cambrian of Utah. Thistrilobite is complete and beautifully articulated. Both free cheeks are present and trilobite is well preserved on a large shale. Trilobite is Totally hard Black and has NO RESTORATIONS. This is a very aesthetic trilobite, if you need we can cut slab as you desire.


Modocia Typicalis


Marjum Fmt (black layer)

House Range



Black and cute Modocia typicalis (Resser)

€ 180,00Prezzo
  • size: slab 26 cm X 20 cm -  trilobite outstretched: 1,5 cm

    restoration: 1 glued part ; NO restoration 

    preparator: Alex Zagar





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