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Nautilus represents the longest living complex life form on our planet. Since the dawn of civilization it has been, and continues to be, and inspiration for artists, designers and architects. Nautilus has survived whatever the world has thrown at it for more than 500 million years, when dinosaurs and other life forms could not. Now, some believe, it could become extinct within this generation. This book celebrates the long history of nautilus, its impact on our culture and how it still inspires collectors and scientists today.


Hard Cover : 224 pg.

Publisher: At One Communications (21 settembre 2016)

Product dimension: Large coffee table format 252 x 297mm

Language: English

Author: Wolfgang Grulke

ISBN- 978-0992974022

Nautilus: Beautiful Survivor: 500 Million Years of Evolutionary History

SKU: 978-0992974022
€ 55,00 Prezzo regolare
€ 49,50Prezzo scontato
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