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Nice and with a fair price trilobite. 

It is a Diademaproetus praecursor from the devonian layers of Morocco.

This is a common bug but quality /price worth to buy in my opinion.

Some overburned skin  due the sticky matrix but a nice boy.

It comes from Devonian layers from Morocco. European preparation!


Diademaproetus praecursor

Devonian Emsian

Timrhanrhart Fm

Foum Zguild

Dra Valley



NO color add, no fake! 100% guaranteed

nice quality trilobite Diademaproetus praecursor

SKU: Diadema
€ 170,00Prezzo
  • Size: 2,6 cm

    slab size:  10cm x 8 cm

    restorations: no

    1 glued part

    Preparator. Alex Zagar


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