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Olenellus fremonti & Olenellus nevadensis

Lower Cambrian

Latham Shale

Marble Mountain

Mojave Desert

San Bernardino County, California


Olenellus is an extinct genus of redlichiid trilobites. Olenellus fremonti is a super rare trilobite coming from famous lower cambrian Shale of  Marble Mountain. In 1 week digging you can find just one Trilobite complete and some perfect heads like the one listed. This slab is  a Killer piece for any collectors!.


Olenellus fremonti & Olenellus nevadensis Cambrian Trilobite

€ 40,00Prezzo
  • size: slab  10 cm x 13 cm

    restorations: NO

    preparator: DI Silvestro Gianpaolo

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