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This is a 500 gr Silicon Rubber bicomponent that vulcanizes by rapid-hardening polyaddition reaction. It is suitable for quickly making small molds, as fossil mono-valva. It has a very low ammount of liquid silicon so it is suitable for high quality cast with low wet look. The result is a vulcanized of medium hardness and low elasticity. It can also be used to draw anatomical casts directly on the skin, since the product is non-toxic and antiallergic: the certificate of suitability issued by an authorized laboratory is available. In any case avoid contact with the eyes: in the event of contact, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary. It becomes harder in 20 minutes.

Paste Silicon Rubber GSP 400N No-Toxic 500gr

SKU: GS525PLG500
€ 29,20Prezzo
  • Color: yellow
    Pot-life a 23°C: 20 minutes.
    Tempo di indurimento a 30°C: 45 minutes.


    check technical data sheet here

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