Undescribed Archaeocyathid Archaeocyatha 

This is the first one that we prepared with this shape...it is very rare...

Archaeocyatha, Vologdin, 1937

L. Cambrian (Nevadella perfecta zone)

Poleta fm

Nevada USA

Rare undescribed Cambrian Fossil Archaeocyatha Cambrian

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  • size: slab 9  cm x 10 cm

    NO composition 100% natural

    restorations: NO RESTORATIONS  

    preparator: Alex Zagar


    ref. Wikipedia : Archaeocyatha (or archaeocyathids ancient cups" /ˈɑːrkioʊsaɪəθə/) is a taxon of extinct, sessile, reef-building[1] marine organisms of warm tropical and subtropical waters that lived during the early (lower) Cambrian Period.