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Nice and with a fair price trilobite. 

Read carefully: 

If you are a beginner, want to collect trilobites, and don't want to get ripped off, this is the perfect trilobite: economical, essential for your collection, and above all, the quality of its exoskeleton is perfect. If it weren't for a small piece of the pygidium, I could call it a GEM. Those who know me know that what you find on my site is 100% reliable. 

NO RESTORATIONS as usal, 1 glued part

It comes from Devonian layers from Morocco. European preparation!


Morocops ovatus

Devonian Eifelian

Foum Zguid



NO color add, no fake! 100% guaranteed

Super Nice Skin trilobite Morocops ovatus

SKU: Morocops
€ 140,00Prezzo
  • Size: 5 cm

    slab size:  10cm x 5 cm

    restorations: no

    1 glued part

    Preparator: Dado Villar


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