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Ceraurus pleurexanthemus (Green, 1833)

Upper Ordovician

Trenton Group, Rust Formation

Walcott Rust Quarry

New York


check the red Arrow...trilobite has also a pathology on left genal spine


Here we are offering maybe on of the Best Ceraurus pleurexanthemus prepared by the Master David Comfort. Trilobite has 0 restorations, and 0 missed parts. It is an authentic "diamond like" for any collectors! Walcott-Rust quarry is located in NY and it is one of the most iconic trilobite locality in the world. It was discovered fomr the famous paleontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott  with William Rust back in 1870.

Supreme Ceraurus pleurexanthemus (Green, 1833) from Walcott Quarry

€ 1.100,00Prezzo
  • trilobite size: 3 cm

    slab: 35 cm x 20 cm

    restorations: 0%

    preparator: David Comfort

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