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In this book „THE NEW PRECAMBRIAN“, the author describes the birth of a completely
new view on the Precambrian. He established the „Montana biota“ in the so-called
„boring billion“ - a complex animate world before the Ediacara biota. So, it’s not a
„boring“, but a „bustling billion“. Now, multicellular life goes back to 2.1 billion years
ago! In permanent cooperation with the discoverer of the „Franceville biota“, professor
Abderrazak El Albani (University of Poitiers/France), the author describes and discusses
the fossils of Gabon. This discovery proves the existence of multicellular life very
long before Ediacara and there is no doubt that there must have been a transitional
fauna between Franceville and Ediacara. Now, it has become impossible to declare that
the Precambrian was „empty“ or only marked by microbes that built stromatolites.
Starting with the origin of the earth and leading to the „Cambrian Explosion“, which
initiated modern evolution, the history of life is written in a new way.


110 pictures


Paperback: 132 pages
Publisher: Uwe-M. Troppenz

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Language: English


The New Precambrian

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