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Bristolia bristolensis

Lower Cambrian

Latham Shale

Marble Mountain

Mojave Desert

San Bernardino County, California


Bristolia is an extinct genus of redlichiida trilobites. Bristolia bristolensis is a quite rare trilobite coming from famous lower cambrian Shale of  Marble Mountain. This is a good trilobite on sale. It is difficult to see with so nice skin color! I found about 5 years ago in Marble and it is the only good bristolensis that i ever found.

It was cracked in some pieces so there are minor restoration that you can see in the photo.

For sure is a great addiction to your collection.


Good quality Cambrian Trilobite Bristolia bristolensis (Resser, 1928)

€ 2.500,00Prezzo
  • size: slab    16 cm x  20 cm matrix

    trilobite with no spine and tail is 5 cm

    restorations: some crack fill and glued some part reconstructed 

    preparator: Gianpaolo DI Silvestro and Alex Zagar

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